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Não adianta vir me prometendo o céu

Suas declarações de amor não vão me conquistar

Palavras doces num pedaço de papel

Sinto muito, me desculpe mais eu sou fiel

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Me Desculpe Mais Eu Sou Fiel

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What will become of me and my sufferings without the queen of the best songs?? Marília was such a complete, so dedicated artist. Her early departure was too hard... #queaudades
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"Forget my face and my phone, don't text, my name" When we realize how much the person was hurting us and we come out of a bad relationship for a good one it's the best thing in the world #souromantico
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This contrast with the Infiel ksksks I miss you, Marília! A voice so beautiful that Brazil had the opportunity to hear it for mt time, too charming! #marilia #SouRomantico
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queen forever
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the instrumentation of "Me Pardon Mais Eu Sou Fiel (Ao Vivo)" by Marília Mendonça? Do you think that the emotionality of the lyrics is well represented in the music? Share your opinion in the comments! #Discovering 💬
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tired of my neighbor's loud music, I decided to blast mine to teach him a lesson. After a while, I noticed he was dancing to my playlist. Oops!
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Samia Cristina Teixe
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Valeria Gomes
if you believe that you are gone, a young woman so beautiful and wonderful that you were Marília Mendonça, you will always be remembered in our hearts 💕
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stop here matand misses her queen😢
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How I miss Marília.
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Maira Genaro and Ty
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I will never forget you star ♥️♥️
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