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E eu que já me acostumei tão bem

É normal acordar todos os dias

Pra cuidar de você mas você não percebe

E vive falando mal e mesmo sem saber

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yevgeniyamundson's avatar
It really hurts to know that we will never be able to hear the voice of this fantastic person again, you were the best singer in the country, Marília! Rest me peace...
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_thaisdosSantos's avatar
it's sad, very sad... God I believe and trust you, I know everything has purpose. but why so painful and sad like that?
gabriel_ribeiro's avatar
forever will be the queen of suffering, It's like your msm said "ngm will suffer alone, everyone will suffer!" We love you Marilia forever 😭💔
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Fernanda Araújo's avatar
Fernanda Araújo
Mariany of Assis de Araújo
AnaPaulaPastos's avatar
music only makes sense when it comes to Marília i love you life! i want you to be alive in my other life and NEVER go on that plane
_lauraMachado's avatar
who aiii is very down with the news, knowing that our little star is singing in the sky, Marília Mendonça we love you very much
victor.lima's avatar
I know that she will always be in my heart as the best singer in sertanejo, my mourning is eternal, the queen of sertanejo, the best,
brunaoliveira.94's avatar
I can't believe you're gone 😭 My God I can't accept it! 🕊 May you welcome yourself up there, star! Will always be eternal in our hearts 💕😭
GiovannaRibeiro89's avatar
it's telling the story of an abusive relationship with people...it's not really supposed to be... it is the reality of many women....very cute handwriting
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Diego_Rodrigues's avatar
when I listen to this song I get all chilled, I love it so much, this little star will always shine, eternal marilla mendonça
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MarianaPeixoto's avatar
Put this music away from an emptiness in your heart, sla people, what a pain man! "And it's better to endure your screams than to move away and never come back"😥
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sofiaoliveira_br96's avatar
she was always a warrior, A wonderful mother, But God called and she had to listen and go, She sure is looking at us here, our suffering queen is right in heaven ❤️
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RodrigoSouzaComZ_'s avatar
What about this woman who passed through this land.? woman who sang and charmed millions with her voice, her charisma, her compositions. there's no way not to talk about this woman and not cry.
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Giovanna_Silveira's avatar
Enjoying this song live with my partner at my side and knowing it was a unique moment. Marília could do this easily, she turned everything into a memorable #amei
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Aline_Barbosa's avatar
This one goes to my mom " It's better to put up with her screams than to walk away and never come back.... WHAT I THINK IS IMPOSSIBLE"❤️
BeatrizCruz_C's avatar
I can't believe you're not here with us anymore... it's funny to think that you if it was aunts songs are amazing. one of your songs will be playing at my graduation which will be soon
Larifernandes.L's avatar
I lived a relationship like that: the person didn't care about me. I did everything. Until it reached the limit, it was impossible to accept. "The door closed" is my heart never allowed anyone to come close to it again #Sung History
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julianalmeida.j's avatar
I'm crying that not even a damned woman, or Mariliazinho, I'm heartbroken, I just wanted it to be marketing
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MarianaLopes_81's avatar
Marília will always be the queen of suffering. With an unmistakable voice and a unique talent. She is eternal, she will always be remembered for her wonderful songs #saudade #talent all her songs was reference for us women🚺
meunomeehvini's avatar
I had a huge admiration for this woman!!!! for work, for talent. Unfortunately another fatality, what a nuisance!!!
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