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Ei, ei-e-e ôô

Ei, ei-e-e ôô

Sei bem

O que te faz bem, eu sei

Mas no fundo eu já tentei

Não faltou coragem

É, uma hora eu ia me tocar

Que você não vai mais voltar

Não receber mensagem

Também é mensagem


Que o pra sempre virou pó

E na cabeça deu um nó

Mas eu 'tô bem consciente

Mas amei

Amei sozinha, mas por dois

Me conformei que agora, e não depois

Vou ter que seguir em frente

Preocupa não

Que eu não vou bater no seu portão

Preocupa não

Que não vai ver mais o meu nome

Em nenhuma ligação

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she was the first sertanejo singer that I loved, my mother and my older sister always played her songs to give that suffering and sing along.
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"it's an hour I was going to tell myself that you won't come back, not receiving a message is also a message, I know that forever it has turned to dust and in the head of a knot, but I am well aware, but I loved it, I loved it alone but for two, I am satisfied that now I won't have to move on" sdds Maríligne
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Marília, I know there was no lack of courage, but forever it turned to dust..... you left. worry not. will never be forgotten......
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How much do you miss
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Anonymous User
not receiving message is also message
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There is no sertaneja singer mlhr than Marília Mendonça mn, plmds see... this woman was fucked and will continue to be!! she is the female empowerment guy, it showed that women also had the same right as men and it will continue to show! sdds queen 👑❤
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Being happy is not just living moments of joy. It is having the courage to face moments of intelligence and wisdom to turn problems into learning.
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Ausência" is an acoustic song that was played live at Marília Mendonça's performance. The song is sung in a minor key and has a simplistic instrumentation, with acoustic guitars and piano. The lyrics talk about the longing and pain of the absence of a loved one. The melody is emotional and Marília's interpretation is intense and sensitive. #EcclesialReview
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this version of this song is wonderful...the guitar, the choir of voices...it was fantastic! quality music, Marília always delivered 😍
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Guys never humiliate yourself to get someone's attention, move on. 💅
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how I don't like Maurilio She is perfect and sings very well I really liked this song. #saudade
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TikTok Music Brasil
Marília Mendonça is known as the "queen of suffering" for her country hits that talk about a broken heart and unrequited love. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What song by another artist would you recommend for a Marília Mendonça fan to fall in love too? #Discovering
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yes, Marília...half absence is enough...and not receiving message tb is message...it's hard to accept, but it's pure truth. Thanks for the slap on my face, I was in need.
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Marilia, eternal Marilia... with its touching and so real melodies... I love this song, it shows the sad reality that you are the only one in the relationship who loves you, you do everything to succeed, but the other person isn't even there... Tiring mto vc "love for two"
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Marília sending the real to us who are suffering for gnt who do not value 🔥😭🤭
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Douglas Silva
The lack will be eternal 🫶🏻
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Rebeka Rebeka Rebeka
I love you little angel
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impossible not to be eternally sad, Maria Mendonça! don't worry that she has become a little star and is shining wherever she is 😭❤
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On the day of the incident, my friends and I were in a snack bar where we always went to drink, we saw the establishment's dance in tears and tears.. we were there without knowing what happened, she took the music from YouTube, changed it on the globe network, so so we knew what really happened, I was in shock and sad to learn that someone who was not family died, I suffered silence at that moment because a person who represented us in the aunt music just left! #eternamarilia 🥹
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