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Exagerado, sim

Sou mais você que eu

Sobrevivo de olhares

E alguns abraços que me deu

E o que vai ser de mim

E o meu assunto que não muda?

Minha cabeça não ajuda

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De Quem É a Culpa

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her songs, made sadder after her passing. before we thought of someone, now we think of her, it seems that the lyrics are talking about her, for her, sdds even hurts physically. 😭
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It's going to be hard without you here my queen but I know it's all in god's time if you're gone because it was your time but we can't stand it stay without you here 😭😭😭
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I closed my eyes and asked the wind for a favor: Take anything unnecessary. I'm tired of heavy luggage... From now on, only what fits in my heart, I take it to life.
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very good this song
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this letter shows us the need to know better before delivering the ❤ beautiful words the wind takes...actions shows what we have in ❤..suffering also teaches..great and eternal Marília Mendonça 👏🤝
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MDS I'm crying listening to her voice she was so young! my queen has left a legacy I love you "I'm getting into the ! rivers of cars without you my life does not go on " 😭😭😭😭😭
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Marília what a spectacular voice because you are gone, you had a lot to live on. it's god knows what you're doing but it was for you taque doing agent suffer kkk misses eternal queen Marília Mendonça 👑💖🌸😕
brunao_santista's avatar
this song marked my life, i was already a fan of yours before msm of fame, i had a dream of meeting you... who knows one day there in Gloria 🙏🏾 I love you and I will take you for the rest of my life, you have made all the difference in this life and you are so missed, we suffer and cry because we miss you so much.😔💖
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don't pretend I'm not talking to you, I'm standing in the middle of the street, I'm getting in the middle of the cars, without you life doesn't go on my little star
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A month ago I heard this music and cried like crazy! Now I can hear and not feel anything anymore! SUPERADAHHH
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Time to save water, friends. Everyone asks Marília Mendonça to wash the dishes frequently!
Caio.Sousa16_'s avatar
I think I experienced what suffering is the first time when I heard this song, the emotion that marília puts in this song is surrel !! #wastings #guilt
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I don't even have words to describe how much I thank GOD for giving it the chance to exist! sing rock like always there in heaven marilia!❤🙏
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there is one more star in the sky shining to light up our nights, called Marilha Mendonça, that shine wherever it is, that God took too early and missed us!...
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The and serenity and (denovo) of those who are listening to this msc without thinking of ngm kkkk
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"De Quem É a Culpa" by #MaríliaMendonça features predominantly acoustic instrumentation with guitar, guitar and drums, in addition to the presence of a choir that stands out during the live performance. The lyrics deepen the theme of betrayal in a love relationship, while the melody follows a simple structure, highlighting the powerful voice of the country singer. #Reviewal
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Marília Mendonça released her first song at the age of 12 and started composing professionally at 18. #Curiosity
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What songs similar to Marília Mendonça do you recommend? #Discovering
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"Don't pretend I'm not talking to you I'm standing in the middle of the street I'm getting in the middle of the cars Without you life doesn't go on" MM and Cristiano Araújo "I know he said I'm missing you!" you are missing a lot 6 ñ are aware
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