Tune in Together

O Que Falta em Voce Sou Eu's poster image

Falando em saudade

De novo eu acordei pensando em você

Já faz um mês que não te vejo

30 dias que eu acordo pensando em você

Não sei se você está bem

Se está gostando de outro alguém

O corte do cabelo tá do mesmo jeito

Aparentemente tudo igual

Vi uma foto sua com aquela roupa

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O Que Falta em Voce Sou Eu

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Lilly♡'s avatar
back Marília 😭✝️
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MoniqueLopes's avatar
my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday and now I'm at work crying a lot! ah Marília Mendonça just yourself! miss you! 😭🖤
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mitchellfireston9's avatar
Maria's charms will live forever in each of us, that good energy she has in her and surreal songs! Queen 👑❤️
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keithwieting's avatar
mds , i will never be able to listen to your msc without shedding a tear . you will always be the queen of suffering. stay with god woman 🖤✨
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lucivaniavieirama6's avatar
queen always
Tatiane Vasconcel159's avatar
Tatiane Vasconcel159
nice music
Rafael_Mendes.5's avatar
ahhh n this one squeezes the heart ♥with god my love... what's missing in you and I 😢 and think that I will never meet her
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andre_talles's avatar
and the music that started here randomly, and I just can't take it anymore. stop. to cry! I will never get over your departure I love you from now until eternity 💔
Brunasssilveira's avatar
I can't follow the cry when I start talking about Marília. her songs really marked a phase of my life. will is always present in my thoughts.
Gustavo.Carvalho_GC's avatar
I wasn't a fan...but I felt and sorry until hj for his death, and for having left so young. But one thing is for sure...she left her legacy 🙏
_pedrohenriquelima's avatar
Marília's songs were at all the highlights of my life! It's like I've lost a piece of myself. Greetings Marília!
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marcos.rodrigues's avatar
I've never been so bad with the loss of an artist, Marília wasn't just a singer, she was an incredible, caring woman, an excellent mother. I wish I had had the opportunity to go to a show and feel the incredible energy that their songs convey up close. Thank you for everything Marília, eternal
Renata_Lima's avatar
oooooh miss this girl woman!!! Who knew how to sing right our days that things weren't going well!!! Too bad GOD picked you up so early, and left us this void. Because there was never anyone who sang like you.😭
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LucasCVieira_'s avatar
That was the first music of hers I heard, a long time ago! I fell in love at first and since then I have never stopped listening!
camilaRibeiro.77's avatar
we even suffer for those we don't love kkkk will understand, songs from Marília make us suffer even for the neighbor who is suffering for the love that left
AmandaNunesSilva's avatar
Does this song make me feel happy, relaxed, calm, but sad at the same time???? It's a strange feeling, but I really like it.
BruOliveira_bbo's avatar
Well, it's Marília...speaking of misses made me miss you... but you will always be here among us you can have ctza! I cry, drink, for your absence it is for the falls of life, all in one glass 😭👸💔🍻🥂
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AndersonR's avatar
always when I want to hear a song I play by maurília She is wonderful she is an incredible singer I was very sad when I found out what happened. #greetings
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TikTok Music
"O Que Falta em Tú Sou Eu" features predominantly acoustic instrumentation, with emphasis on guitar, guitar and piano. The song's lyrics address themes related to love relationships, such as betrayal and abandonment. The melody is marked by a slow and emotional cadence, which intensifies in the chorus. #Reviewal
RaquelNunes408's avatar
is to listen to this song and it only comes to mind, it reminds me of all the shows I've been to and hj we won't have anymore. the sdd will be eternal!
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