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Vai se preparando que eu não vou ter paciência

Se acha que eu não sei o que aprontou na minha ausência

Não vou deixar barato, não vou fingir que não vi

Eu já fiquei sabendo de outras bocas por aí

Do copo de cerveja, com delicadeza

Ofereceu pra aquela moça sentar na sua mesa

Não venha me dizer que foi só por educação

Eu sei que tá querendo me levar na conversa

Mas se você soubesse o que realmente me interessa

É saber se você faz amor comigo como faz com ela

Se quando beija morde a boca dela

Fala besteira no ouvido, como faz comigo

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Como Faz Com Ela

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AmandaNunesSilva's avatar
Marilia knows how to make me suffer the right way without even having had an ex kkkkkkkkk I suffer in advance listening to her songs kkkk #sofrencia
Amanda_Costa's avatar
queen, I miss our Mariinhas, even today I feel sad when I listen to her songs I miss her so much, it was a very strong joy when she released new music #Rainhadasofrencia
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LuizFernando_1991's avatar
an anthem! It makes my heart beat fast and it makes me super excited The lyrics are very reflective and the dance is addictive I love it too much!
Carolina_Lima's avatar
I loved Marília Mendonça's interpretation of this song! The lyrics are engaging and her voice thrills. The only thing that could have been different is the length of the song, I wanted to hear more!
Camila_Oliveira_o's avatar
too brave! I'm very addicted to beats and lyrics, which are very realistic. Can't wait to hear it again
RaquelNunes408's avatar
I didn't find it very striking, something was missing that would draw attention
DanielSantos_'s avatar
How to Do It With Her brings me the of an old love that didn't work out. Marília Mendonça's voice is so touching that it makes me feel every word in the song. I love the lyrics and the way they convey emotions. It's one of those songs you listen to on repeat!
Luiza_Pereira.L's avatar
the lyrics of this song are a lesson in self-love and self-esteem. Feeling the strength and courage to leave someone who didn't value her, Marília Mendonça's voice encourages us to move on. The melody, combined with the lyrics, make this song a true blessing for the soul.
BrunoFerreira.92's avatar
the chorus of Como Faz Com Ela doesn't come out of my head! It's a super addictive song and Marília Mendonça's voice is incredible. I love the lyrics and the emotion she spends singing. It's a success for sure!
Felipe_Oliveira's avatar
bro, this song by Marília Mendonça is addictive! The dance is very massive, it makes you want to go out dancing like crazy. I love the way she sings, full of emotion, it seems like she's telling a story. Let me roll around here again because the chorus is coming!
larissasantos's avatar
man, I was hearing how to do it with her and I started dancing like crazy in the room. My mom came in and kept looking like how many shots did you take? 😂
LucasMendes.83's avatar
Man, this song is pure love! Every time I listen, it transports me to a peaceful and happy place. I remember that time I danced horrors at my friend's house, too good!
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Nayara Morais
Marília's songs are completely amazing 😍🥺
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