Tune in Together

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Eu quero ficar perto de tudo que acho certo

Até o dia em que eu mudar de opinião

A minha experiência meu pacto com a ciência

Meu conhecimento é minha distração

Coisas que eu sei

Eu adivinho sem ninguém ter me contado

Coisas que eu sei

O meu rádio relógio mostra o tempo errado, aperte o play

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Coisas Que Eu Sei

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portrays the life of a person who wants to be just her... it's a personal cry for independence....she says: accept me the way I am and that's it!!🌹
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It is indisputable the fact that music is present in anyone's life, in any way. It accompanies us at different times in our existence and they pack each one of them in a different way. ❤️❤️
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My point of view is that this song refers to moments when we want to be ourselves and someone tries to stop it by saying that their way is not right.... and you?
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Adrianno Jadrianno
relief for the soul
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this song 🎶 is too beautiful ✨❤️❤️❤️❤️#
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what music ❤️
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Luiz André Novais
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This song represents me in every way...!!!🤟💚😎👏👏
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There are things I still don't know... one more thing I know this song comes astonished several reflections 💗
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