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Heart beats fast

Colors and promises

How to be brave

How can I love when I'm afraid to fall

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a thousand years

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Ernesto Fernández
I love how this song makes you feel that anything is possible.
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Rebeca da Silveira
The lyrics of this song make me think a lot and take me to a very deep place emotionally.
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remembers my daughter's birthday. this was the party car music. at that time everyone was united. miss you hope we can all be united again.
mariadocarmosouza83's avatar
this song 🎶 go far and seek memories in the depths of the soul 💗 good times 💗 Linndaaa 💗💗
𝔻𝕒𝕝𝕞𝕒𝕔𝕒𝕜𝕖𝕤's avatar
Sometimes I feel like a puzzle, which no one has managed to put together yet, I want to discover the world, unveil what is still hidden, make history, make my life a colorful book, where people get excited, I want to be inspiration, I want to be true, the star that shines, the sun that burns, the poem that thrills, the joy that spreads, the smell that the wind spreads, I want to be the smile on someone's lips ""❤️❤️#amotivida #love
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Sophia Cavalcanti
This song reminds me of the value we must give to life and the importance of living each day as if it were our last.
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MN at this exact moment I'm reading the book of the first movie of the saga and old it seems as if it was the first time I would be reading it, and imagine the movie
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The truth is that there are people we would expect 100, 1000, even much more than 1 billion years as precious as they are! "I have loved for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more"
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I love this song, always when I was little, I listened before going to sleep with my mother, this song gave me so many good things, so many good memories:))
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Laura Martinez
Although it's not my favorite style of music, I have to admit that I liked this song more than I thought it would be.
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_pedrohenriquelima's avatar
this song always plays in my head when I do... I think of her (Duda)... so many memories and I never had the courage to not even speak to her...
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I get married on Saturday and this music will be from my grandmother's entrance, who is going to enter with the bible that belonged to my grandfather who died 7 years ago... this music is very much theirs because she loved him and will love him to the end... ❤❤
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I think all of us have been afraid of falling in love after a big disappointment. But there will always be a new beginning. And we vibrate with new love. Because despite everything, loving and being loved is too good.
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You know when you have a very strong friendship with someone and that person passes you by... When she lies saying she likes you but deep down she doesn't care... this happened to me so NEVER trust someone 100% to keep a secret or to vent... N is worth it
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I think this song is amazing, it's one of the best, it reminds me of twilight and two people I loved but of all, this song is truly amazing and I will always like it because the memories it brings to me are the best. And it reminds me a lot of my past too.
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this msc reminds me of my cat Caramel who was the Love of my life good I'm a kid so it could be him or kakashi or harry potter nicknames of a boy to from school kkkkk
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one day I was at a grt's birthday party and I was passing on some pictures of his life with this song, another grt started crying with emotion and the birthday girl went to help, kkkk
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"This song is really beautiful, every time I listen it reminds me of what I could have lived, and how happy I am that I chose to just live."
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whenever i hear this music i remember my crush, but he is dating someone else, i always dedicated this music to him! i suffered a lot when i found out he was dating! dear don't be afraid i loved you for a thousand years and i will love you for another thousand my love Mariano! I love you♥️
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A very pleasant song😇✨ and when i made my grandmother listen to this song she cried cause she and grandfather had memories of their lovestory 😊💓 she was so happy , she used to listen to this song every night before sleeping 💕
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