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Quem sou eu?

Pra que o Deus de toda terra

Se preocupe com meu nome

Se preocupe com minha dor

Quem sou eu?

Pra que a estrela da manhã

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Quem Sou Eu?

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MarianaCardosoRJ's avatar
I have several memories in my church of this praise, when I heard I even felt like attending my church
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I've also been looking for a long time who I am and little by little I'm finding the answer but God will always be on my side. #ame
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Praise like this is so good to hear, you put it out to hear and it ends with a reinvigorated soul! PG sending really well, too beautiful! #faith
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PG has done an incredible job in the G3 workshop, and continues to do this beautiful mission that God has called him, this sound makes us question ourselves and seek the best in God!
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Re's avatar
Beautiful praise, this one I did not know yet, Even though it is a failure, a sin the LORD hears my cry, telling me who am I? Daughter of the KING OF THE HIGHEST, GENTLEMAN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA, GLORIES to GOD.🙏🙌📖♥️👑👊
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Eita wonderful God
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The Lord's blessings are infinitely great, always holding our hands and saying "son don't be afraid I am with you.".. Even though they are flaws, it authorizes us to go through the tests to renew ourselves and make us stronger!!! Beautiful song...
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