Tune in Together

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As vezes pra esquecer um grande amor

A gente precisa mais do que uma tentativa

Tô aqui pra te contar

Por aqui tá tudo em paz, tudo bem

Eu já nem te amo mais

Comecei a me tratar de você, e quer saber?

Te esqueci há uma semana atrás

E aquela loucura de mudar pra Salvador

Esquece, eu nem gosto de calor

Se fez uma cozinha maior

Pra juntar a família ao redor

Esquece, jantar fora é bem melhor

Coração receitou

De 8 em 8 horas, uma dose de anti-amor

Já tomei, funcionou

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very manner, it has a unique energy and always gets me excited when I hear it. The lyrics are very well written and make me reflect on life. Also, the rhythm is contagious and I can't stop dancing when I listen. For me it's definitely one of the best songs I've ever heard.
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Come on, this song is too much! The dance is engaging and I can't stop dancing. I loved how the lyrics manage to convey a deeply meaningful message without losing the lively vibe of the song. I'll definitely leave it on my scroll playlist and share it with the crowd.
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too much! She takes me to another dimension! It's like I can feel every dance in my body. The lyrics are very sincere and I relate to them a lot. Whenever I listen, it's like I can escape my problems for a moment. It's basically a musical hug
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TikTok Music Brasil
#GustavoMioto and #JorgeEMateus collaborate on "Anti-Amor (Ao Vivo)" with an instrumentation that mixes sertanejo and pop. The lyrics address an unrequited love, with captivating choruses. The melody is lively and invites vocal participation. The fusion of genres creates an immersive track, ideal for the audience. #Reviewal"
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TikTok Music Brasil
#GustavoMioto achieved national recognition with the song "Impressionando os Anjos," released in 2016, which became the most played song on Brazilian radio that year. This track marked an important milestone in his career, consolidating him as a prominent name in the music scene. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
What other songs or artists would you recommend to anyone who likes Gustavo Mioto or Jorge & Mateus? #Discovering
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No boys 🎼✨❤️
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Gerson Luiz013
#success this guy is a show
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I love d+++++++
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Mique music
"I tomei already worked...🎶🤌❤️"hello suffering
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Ana Paula
I love this song
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Jenifer Mastrandreas
Coracao ordered an anti-love dose for 8/8 hours.....yes tomei.....drug did not have an effect kkkkkkkkkk🎵😂0
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Beautiful this song I love this song too much 💕❤
☃️ ✿ ࣪˖ ݁ Lena  ! ₊˚‧'s avatar
☃️ ✿ ࣪˖ ݁ Lena ! ₊˚‧
i love this song
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I hurt myself so much, not to have reciprocity
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Paulo Sergio
too good
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make my São João play a favorite
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Eita so the heart gets messy 🍺
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Then it breaks me right 🤦🏻🤦🏻💔
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