Tune in Together

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Por você eu mudo o jeito de viver

Vou ouvir vinil em vez de ouvir CD

Por você eu deixo a badalação

Faço serenata, voz e violão

Largo essa cidade pra morar no campo

Faço penitência, troco até de santo

Por você cancelo a reunião

O meu compromisso é com seu coração

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Rosas, Versos e Vinho (Ao Vivo)

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one of the first I heard from him, I remember until today, a friend showed me and I fell in love at the time, impossible not to love, right #vibe #love
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My favorite song...I fell in love with Gustavo because of this song...I have a wonderful story with this song... memories stay forever...I love it too much
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Gusttavo Lima is an idol and it's still very successful nowadays but I confess that I prefer songs from the past, it has a more special touch in my opinion. #top
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worse than the passionate gnt does something for the loved one, I did so much that I was alone, I took care of so much, even my breath was for her, and she never gave me value.
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Cleudinea Miranda
i love this song ❤❤
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Ana Lucia melo
What a beautiful letter!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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