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Sei que você 'tá procurando uma casa

Comprou a geladeira e na TV já deu entrada

Com outra vai casar

Será que 'tá feliz?

'Tô aqui lembrando que a gente namorou a três anos atrás

Fui feliz demais

Quando a gente ama de verdade, o coração não muda

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Não Casa Não

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This song only brings truths. When you really love, your heart doesn't change. Who believes that too?? #porfavorcasanao
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I already went through this, I had broken up with my ex less than 1 year ago and he was already planning the wedding, I humiliated myself too much, but he really ended up getting married, well, now I hope he's happy
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I think everyone who has that love, not who hasn't left, still has that fear, the fear of that person settles the case with another and you end up suffering #suffering
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What is your opinion about the instrumentation of the song "Non Casa No" by Marília Mendonça? Did you know more about the guitar or the drums? And what is your favorite song from the singer? Share your opinion with #DescobrindoMúsica 🎵
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Marília knows how to make me suffer like nobody else, every time she opens her mouth I'm already crying and thinking about what she played with... #suffering
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I still don't believe 🥺
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x box séries s
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Maria Lucia Olive366
my heart was very hurt by a person I loved a lot and this song and for me give up not getting married now no
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