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Por las calles ya me miraron pasar

Mis muchachos bien cuidado me traerán

Caravanas a lo lejos se verán

El equipo siempre listo pa' chambear

Vivo al día, no me voy a preocupar

Si mi Dios se baja a reclamar

Listo estoy para las cuentas saldar

Fuerte soy nunca, débil me verán

Me gusta la banda, me gusta el norteño

Bailar las plebitas me pone contento

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A Lo Lejos Me Veran

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Laura Figueroa's avatar
Laura Figueroa
I like how this song has a very experimental and different sound, he took a risk and it came out well.
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Gabriel Abreu
This song is pure fire 🔥🔥🔥 I love it! The lyrics are super real and the rhythm makes you move your head without realizing it. I already recommended it to all my friends. 🤘
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TikTok Music Latin
"A Lo Lejos Me Veran" by #ElDeLaGuitarra is written in the key of F minor and uses basic guitars. The melody consists of a progression of four simple, catchys while the instrumentation focuses on acoustic guitar and some percussion elements. #Review
Cristian Suárez's avatar
Cristian Suárez
What a great song! I can't stop moving my head
Thiago Busato's avatar
Thiago Busato
is the most authentic form of music I have ever heard.
Sebastián Sánchez's avatar
Sebastián Sánchez
I love the rhythm, but the lyrics are not my favorite.
Antonio Hernandez's avatar
Antonio Hernandez
I like the music, it has a good arrangement.
Gabriel Marínez's avatar
Gabriel Marínez
Makes me feel good
Juan José Ramos's avatar
Juan José Ramos
This song puts me in mDo relax 😌
Julio Mejia's avatar
Julio Mejia
I really love the rhythm
Luiz Miguel Brandão's avatar
Luiz Miguel Brandão
The voice of great expressiveness
Jesus Morales's avatar
Jesus Morales
I got a good vibe out of that song, I would listen to it again.
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Vitor Bruneli
The melody is like a massage for my soul.
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TikTok Music Latin
A Lo Lejos Me Verán is a corrido song that tells a forbidden love story inspired by real events. The song became very popular in Mexico, staying on the regional Mexican music charts for several weeks. #Fact
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TikTok Music Latin
What other artists or bands do you like that have a musical style similar to El de La Guitarra? #Discovery
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Jose Ignacio Salas
In the distance you will see me, it made me move my body a lot, an infectious and super catchy rhythm, I can't stop singing it!
Flor Acosta's avatar
Flor Acosta
I really don't like it in the distance, you will see me, it doesn't feel original and the lyrics meh, I won't feel sorry for them if I don't hear them again.
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