Tune in Together

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Eu uso óculos no show porque elas querem minha alma

Torrei mais um pra me acalmar

Vários olhares querendo um pedacinho de mim

Eu só tô na pista pra torrar o meu finin'

Eu uso óculos e flows que você bateria palma

Hey oh, lama no copo, mulher e boldin'

Vários polícia prenderam meu mano na jaula

Hey oh, vários vampiros no camarim

Luxúria me estraga, me torna menos de mim

Luxúria me estraga, me torna menos de mim

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LUXURY, there's no way not to sing along, this song was really good, when I put it I can't pay attention to anything because my mind keeps singing together kkkkk
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I can no longer look at the Shaman and see him alone in the badboy posture after seeing him crying hugging the former teacher the pro fantastic report, lust didn't spoil this guy no #muitobaby hahaha
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one of the best feats of national trap, I remember until today that I used to sing this one with a friend in the classroom, tuezin was already crushing it a lot , sdds !! #trapbr
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I really liked this sound that Matuê made with Shaman, they sent a lot. I'm always listening to them. #matuê #shaman #luxuria
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song "Luxúria" features an instrumentation based on classical beats with elements of trap and hip-hop. The lyrics are described as "explicit" and the melody is marked by an infectious chorus and energetic rhythm. #alReview
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TikTok Music Brasil
Shaman is known to address issues such as anxiety, depression and spirituality in his songs. #Curiosity
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TikTok Music Brasil
Do you know any songs similar to Shaman, Matuê or Neo Beats? Tell me there! 🎧 #Discovering
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Man, I was listening to this and suddenly my mother came thinking I was talking to myself, I had to pretend I was on the phone
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Pedro h 🐈‍⬛
I see myself disgusted with life because I put my wrong age on the resso, agr I can't send a message to anyonekkkkk
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my life is nothing more than a comedy!!!
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Gabriel Colares da S
this song was the better of the two
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Amarildo Luz
I loveoooo
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Guido Silva
People I am poor KKKKKKKK like my comment there for me to win the deal for free 🤡
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i wear glasses at the show because they want my soul
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Natyely Schaieny .
🌧️🌧️🌧️ Connect with the 🍁
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Listening to this song until the end, we realized that the past message is from people who really don't want their good. And escape negative energy #emotion
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Vagner Alves
Shaman, Matuê and Neo Beats: Perfect Trio, a Lust These Brabo Da Rima Moleks 👏🙏
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Matheus Martins
this perfect song to end the day
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