Tune in Together

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A noche se esta llegando

Hay que alicuzarnos pa' empezar la fiesta

Ya sacamos el trabajo que es lo que mas interesa

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Concepcion Marin's avatar
Concepcion Marin
What a rock! It makes you feel all kinds of emotions, it takes you from cumbia to reggaeton in the of an eye. The lyrics are huapachosa and catchy. I love them!
Raúl Pérez's avatar
Raúl Pérez
Jenni will always be the queen of regional Mexico.
Roberto Herrera's avatar
Roberto Herrera
I love how it makes me move my body. It's my favorite!
Cauã Batista's avatar
Cauã Batista
I can't help but smile every time I hear this melody, it's pure happiness!
Jose Miguel Leon's avatar
Jose Miguel Leon
It gives me a fresh vibe and amorosa.es my favorite!
Vitor Bruneli's avatar
Vitor Bruneli
I love listening to it at any time of the day
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