Tune in Together

Dos Locos (Tontos e Loucos) / Novo Namorado's poster image

Machuca coração!

O tempo nunca fez eu te esquecer

Não apagar as marcas desse amor

Ainda sinto o sabor do teu beijo em minha boca

Ainda sinto a tua mão acariciando a minha pele

E eu não quero seguir assim

Estando com ela e pensando em ti

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Dos Locos (Tontos e Loucos) / Novo Namorado

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Saudade I have is the time these songs were successful!! My father and I were singing and dancing together, no matter where we were listening to a little something #childhood #family #saudade
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How beautiful to see Solange in her solo career, although she has already participated in some bands, at this moment she is shining a lot with her talent. #soufa #idol
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the instrumentation of "Dos Locos (Dontos e Loucos) / Novo Namorado" by Solange Almeida? Did the lyrics in Spanish or Portuguese catch your attention more? Leave your opinion in the comments and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 🎶
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Chaguinha sousa
I love this song, Solange always rocking. top of more
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I was listening to this and got distracted, dropped the cell phone in my face It looked like I had been punched.
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this lighter version of this song was perfect!
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Robson Cardoso Nasci
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Júlio Damasceno
Forró planes!!! Good season!!! Live or lined!!!!
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