Tune in Together

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É não deu, olha eu, sua previsão falhou

Pois é, 'to indo bem melhor trocar as cartas do tarô

Olha eu aqui

Respirando sem o teu amor

'Cê me conhece

Tudo que eu falei a boca gaguejou

Bem na mosca, acertou

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A Farra Perdeu Pro Amor

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What used to have Several on my foot if you're on my head? this part is very hard kkkk, but it's true, when the heart commands the mind obeys #sertanejo
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And I wanted to be part of the party but I get too attached if you're crazy, Ied I'm going, I can only be faithful slk n I can cheat n, only love is affection I forgot fiuuu😝
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If it's to get involved and it's not to be like this I don't even want to!! hahahah he's already putting this one on for him to see! kkkkk #indirect
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TikTok Music Brasil
What did you think of the instrumentation of "A Farra Perdeu Pro Amor (Ao Vivo)"? And what are your favorite lyrics in the song? Tell us in the comments! 💭 #Discovering
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My impression or the romantic sertanejo only makes sense when we are in love with someone who doesn't care about us?
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Man, I was listening to this song and I started dancing like crazy. But I forgot I was on the street and everyone was looking at me.
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the fuck is she wants to come back, more and more afraid of hurting me again... but she ñ gets out of my head, is I wasting time?
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🛡️Miguel  o Arcanjo🛡️'s avatar
🛡️Miguel o Arcanjo🛡️
Sometimes we don't need anything, just understanding, just a neck, a friendly shoulder. The person doesn't need to say anything, or do anything, just be there, be there, patient, listening, letting you vent. We don't need much, we just need someone to show affection, to show a sign of affection. We don't always want words or promises, sometimes words are necessary, sometimes they are insufficient.💞💞
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This song... ♥
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very good is music 👏👏👏
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