Tune in Together

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Hoje eu decidi

Não vou ficar correndo atrás de que não gosta mais de mim

Você venceu, vou procurar alguém pra me fazer feliz

Vai ser melhor assim

Mas isso vai passar

Na vida tudo passa

O seu amor não vou mais implorar

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I heard these in 2010 and for me it was the best... And today when I listen I remember good times I spent ❤️❤️❤️
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Hopefully you made the right choice Since you say my love sucks I'll look for someone to make me happy Since you didn't🎶💃🌹this song
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pure vdd, those who are not feeling well in a relationship, looking for another person and have a healthy relationship, nobody is obliged to live with those who do not make them happy.
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Elem Priscila Sousa
Top too 💃💃
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Maria Judite
ok my friend
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Pablo's voice has the power to enter our minds in a unique way, it's really unmistakable!! I love his songs ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #suffering
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TikTok Music Brasil
#Pablo started his musical career at the age of six, singing alongside his father. Years later, in Sergipe, he received an invitation to become the vocalist of the band Asas Livres, where he developed the arrocha style. #Curiosity
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My longing is for the friends who were lost in time, after this pandemonium we spent, Pablo missed it a lot on going out on weekends with friends with no time to go back home, the agent listened to Pablo in the heights, suffered for no reason kkkk ... #
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TikTok Music Brasil
Which song would you recommend to those who like Pablo's sound? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song "Tomara" features instrumentation based on classical beats, together with the use of beautiful guitars. The melody is captivating and Pablo's voice follows a soft and pleasant timbre. #Ecclesial Review
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Pablo's oldest songs are the best, it's suffering after suffering. Do you agree? #suffering #love
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I already desist I won't be running after who. don't like me anymore, I doubt anyone in this universe will love you more than me
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King of suffering, the others who fight, Pablo do arrocha has a different voice, simply beautiful, it's how I suffer in that shit.
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I miss when I used to leave college with friends and go eat coxinha at the bar where it played arrocha
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Elem Priscila Sousa
makes you make the right choice my love
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me listening at the gym kkkk nothing better than this
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but i doubt it has a better song than that 🍺🍻
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Celia Ribas978
tô mara that in against and do not Did he?
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Fernando Silva
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