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Deus mais uma vez segura a minha mão

Minha alma aflita pede tua atenção

Cheguei no nivel mais difícil até aqui

Me ajude a concluir

Quando penso que estou forte fraco eu estou

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Sou Humano

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blessing of God, thanks to him these people received this divine gift better walk and in terms of naked opportunity. feed us spiritually
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That praise once pulled me out of a depression in 2011 when I had a lung bleed. but I recovered and today I am fine thanks to Jehovah God.
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once I was walking in a garden and started playing this music, I stopped on the lawn and started to observe everything around me at that moment I felt GOD #renewed presence
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only building for our soul 👍🙌
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I love that praise so much!!!
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I had some successful moments in my life and I was always listening to this praise, I cried a lot... I won, clinging to God, crying and trusting, praising and believing that everything would change and changed! thank god 🙌
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This CD by Bruna Karla, a friend of mine from work who showed me and I fell so in love with Bruna's songs and voice.
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TikTok Music Brasil
#BrunaKarla started singing in church at the age of 3 and recorded her first album at the age of 5. Since then, she has developed more than 10 musical works and has established herself as one of the main gospel singers in Brazil. #Curiosity
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Bruna Karla, in addition to singing super well, is cute! I love! And she sings what she lived! But her mother, she had depression, but she overcame it and now she helps us to overcome it with her songs! <3
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I loved this song 😻👏 very successful for you 👏 played this song in my heart ❣️
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this praise makes me miss a friend I no longer have contact with... more than I could have had as my best friend in the world... it was moral this friend!
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TikTok Music Brasil
The song "Sou Humano" by #BrunaKarla features a predominantly gospel instrumentation with contemporary R&B elements. The melody is simple and easy to sing together, making it a popular song among Brazilian Christians. #al #Review
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TikTok Music Brasil
What other gospel artist do you recommend has a similar style to Bruna Karla? #Discovering
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this hymn helps me to continue always and i didn't give up because only god knows what i'm still fighting my whole life just battle and only hope is to have peace and be happy and have my son with me dream come true 🙏🙌
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This praise was a response to a prayer I made, as I am going through a very difficult moment and feeling God giving me his hand with this praise. #gloriaadeus
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Amen, Jesus! Hallelujah 🙏🙌
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God... Teach me to wait for Your time. Hold my hand tight and increase my strength in the journey of life. Leads me along the best path guiding my steps. Protect me from all evil. I love my faith and renew my trust in You every day. 🙏
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A moment in my life that I thought of giving up everything, but a divine force ✨ reinvigorated me thanks to You my Lord Jesus 🙏🏼
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Josiane Apolinário de freitas
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Cida Araújo
Good afternoon peace of God What a beautiful praise ame
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