Tune in Together

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Quando perco o chão tu me levantas

E quando não consigo encontrar solução

Tu estás ali pra me estenderes a mão

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Raquel_Fernandes92's avatar
Inspiring music that gives strength at any time, it is a voice that I listen to give me strength and calm me down #inspired
LuizFernando_1991's avatar
sensational The beat is amazing and I can't stop wanting to dance! The lyrics are deep and leave me thinking for hours
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Gustavo.Carvalho_GC's avatar
God and these blessed praises of Bruna have helped me to stand up. It's a way for God to speak directly in my heart!
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Fafá @morena35
I love ❤️ Bruna Carla beautiful music
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God speaks through praise and lifts us up every day! He who lifts us up and if necessary carries us in his lap! Don't give up, it's not your strength, it's the hand of God on your life...
ThiagoCarvalho_'s avatar
That song makes me feel like the vibe up there, you know? I remember when I heard it for the first time, on the table in the bar with my friends Too good!
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Glory to God 🙌 🙌
j a m i l y ❤️'s avatar
j a m i l y ❤️
beautiful fan when i grow up i want to be😍😍 is just like you
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Branca Andrade6277
beautiful too😍😇🙏
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Mônica Ramos
what a beautiful song wonderful god 😍
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