Tune in Together

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Pena que no instante

Quando acordo foi embora

Não estas mais e o vazio vem

Vou procurar vou por ai

De casa em casa e a quem passar por mim

Pergunto por você aonde está você

Quantas noites venho sem dormir

No meu quarto sem você aqui

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ykália making me suffer since I was a little girl with her songs, who would have thought that now when I grow up I would identify with her songs #forró
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oh good time of crlh jesus, my 08 years listening to this classic on fds at a family party, people drinking and dancing, us kids dancing too and playing all afternoon, I miss you.
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ykália's liner has a different energy. If the band's idea is to cheer up the audience, it worked! They rock a lot! #liner #linerdobom
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This band is very good, I liked it when I met it, since 1998 beating hearts wherever #Tropykália goes
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At that time I listened to Bandaykália and I was already suffering for a love I didn't even have yet, it was every terrible cry in the studio hahaha #nostalgia #forro
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I love it... in my city 😍😍
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holds heart 💓
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Dora Ribeiro
top music
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Oldir Viegas
Too good siow
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Anonymous User
oh it's quality
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