Tune in Together

Lembranças de Amor / Fogueira / Um Dia Te Levo Comigo's poster image

Veja só

Sei que palavras não consertam nada

Mas eu acho que é melhor

A gente conversar


O nosso caso não difere de outros casos

Que acabaram mal

Mas só pra te lembrar

Eu já sofri demais

Mas longe de você

Sofrerei bem mais

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Lembranças de Amor / Fogueira / Um Dia Te Levo Comigo

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How can it be so nice to listen to these songs? Even more so in their voice, I listen every time I drink my little beer.
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one of the best duos we have today, I loved this combination of songs, I think it married perfectly, one more point for the duo, sensational!!! #sertanejo
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This song can play us in such a soft way, I would easily listen all day without complaining! I'm a fan of them! sertanejo
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too beautiful
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Hugo and Guilherme really always tearing their hearts, "I know that words don't fix anything but I think we'd better talk" makes us even that relationship that was already overcome #sertanejo
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TikTok Music Brasil
Hugo & Guilherme present a live song entitled "Lembranças de Amor / Fogueira / Um Dia Te Levo Comigo." The track is made up of instruments such as guitar, guitar, bass and drums, and has lyrics about the memories of a relationship and the desire to take your loved one with you. The melody is a mix of rhythms such as sertanejo and arrocha. #Reviewal
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TikTok Music Brasil
After seven years together, Hugo & Guilherme have already consolidated themselves among the big names in country music and are living the best moment of their careers. #Curiosity
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eita in my youth I suffered, listening to this song.. I'm glad I became an adult who doesn't suffer for anyone, if I leave hj tomorrow is the day🤣🤣
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TikTok Music Brasil
What song do you recommend for those who like Hugo & Guilherme? #Discovering
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lu Ferreira 335
I'm already lowered
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heart cries
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Luuh Rodrigues
Hugo and Guilherme ❤❤❤
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Aoooww trees disgusting... 6 ta doidooo🍺🍺
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Estela Souza
Very beautiful this song!! ❤️
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Manell 😜
boys are beast 🤪
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user5968052719120 Paty1988
this hurt to the soul!!!
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this one is the horn on the asphalt aoooo 🙅🏻‍♂️😂
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