Tune in Together

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Só queria ter o seu abraço

Pra ver se eu disfarço

Essa falta de você

Poder tocar, sentir o gosto do seu lábio

Entrar no compasso que o seu coração bater

Olhar nos seus olhos e dizer

Sem você, não importa se é doce ou salgado

Se 'tá quente ou gelado

Se faz sol ou vai chover

Eu achei que tava certo fui errado

Era leve 'tá pesado

Ficar longe de você

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"Antonyms" came to tell us the truth in the form of music, it hurts a lot more after a while will pass, it's funny to be in a relationship where there's no more love #understanding
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knowing how to get lost in those you love is very difficult, but longing for true love is good...I want her to be happy...I hurt, but I didn't give it value
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someone once asked me "who hurt you?" I replied, "My own expectations" Jhone Renidf when we discover a betrayal nothing goes back to the way it was before...oho suffering...
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too beautiful 😍😃👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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Jorge and Mateus really don't have a touch of defect, all the songs are good, the instruments in the lyrics are always in perfect harmony, and their voice is absurd, they pass a lot of passion on the verses, I love them too much.#jorgeemateus
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TikTok Music Brasil
#JorgeEMateus gained national projection in 2005 and, today, they are considered one of the main duos in Brazil, accumulating numerous awards, suggestions for streams and views. #Curiosity
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Guys, I was hearing this here and laughing my ass off, until my mom walked into the room and I had to give a migué and pretend I was studying
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TikTok Music Brasil
What are your favorite Jorge & Mateus songs? Any suggestions from artists with a similar sound? #Discovering
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TikTok Music Brasil
"Antônimos" is a sertanejo-style song. The lyrics speak of opposites, such as love and hate, and use a poetic language. The melody is made up of guitars, guitars and keyboards, as well as percussion arrangements and brass. #Ecclesial Review
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Maravilhosa essa ✨🎼❤️ linda demais ✨❤️
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top 🎼❤️
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Lulu Baima
eita 😪
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Willian Costa
This song breaks me 🤧🥺 agent suffers without having anyone. 😅
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Jorge e Mateus é fodaaaa
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As pessoas preferem ficar em um relacionamento sem amor do que ser feliz , a vida é um sopro e o pior sentimento que existe é o arrependimento pelo que poderia ter feito e não fez!
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Amooo Essa Música
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Socorro Castro
Obrigado pela música do da Rita é muito engraçado velho eu chego a rir kkkkkkk🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅
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o alcoolismo acaba com muitos relacionamentos porque não tem ninguém que aguente ficar numa relação assim eu sei por experiência. #verdade
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valdeir fernandes359
música linda
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