Tune in Together

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Flor, ô uô ô uô ô uô

Flor, pra onde foi você, flor?

Com seu perfume de amor

O que é que eu fiz de ruim?

Eu não achei outra flor

Com a beleza e a cor

Que tem você pra mim

Deus fez a Terra e o céu

Fez você e o seu mel

E me fez só pra te amar

Eu sou o seu colibri

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When this song ended I sang a lot with my friends from school!! It was our daily song haha #sertanejo #flor
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the instrumentation in "Flor (Ao Vivo)" by Jorge & Mateus? Which instrument stands out the most in your opinion? Tell us and participate in #DescobrindoMúsica 💬
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I was already feeling like the American rapper, until my mother came into the room and told me to turn down the phone because she was listening to my music on the other side of the house.
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𝖘𝖆𝖓𝖙𝖘 🦅
Anyone 2024???
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Danilo Oliveira
And George and Matthew 😎
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