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Eu sou do tipo que sofre calado

Que chora em casa

Mas não se entrega a ninguém

Eu posso até me afogar na cachaça

Mas não deixo jamais

Brincar com a minha cara

To com saudades

Mas eu não vou ligar

Eu 'to sofrendo

Mas não vou me humilhar

E se quiser o meu amor

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Se É Pra Beber, Eu Bebo

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impossible not to feel something with this song, it reminds me of such good moments of my life, time of 2016/2017 when everything was so happy and good #sertanejo #the ambassador
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I regained my pride by listening to this song! The boy was all out and I was after him, but I stopped going. When he came to ask what had happened, I told him I didn't agree with my face that I wasn't going to allow. He hugged me and we finally got it right.
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Esse é o tipo de música que ouço quando estou inspirado para beber minha cervejinha, pense que vibe boa! #sucesso
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What did you think of the instrumentation of the song "Se É Pra Beber, Eu Bebo" by Gusttavo Lima? Did the lyrics catch your attention? Already on your playlist? Share your opinion with us! #Discovering
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I remember seeing the video of this song on the internet and I was impressed by Gustavvo Lima's. The video shows how attentive he is to the fans, to his team, eating at the restaurant, being people like us. I started admiring him even more.
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The best sertanejo songs for me are those in which neither side has to go over the other. That's why Gustavo Lima rocked this one: "If it's to call, I don't care / But if she calls, I'll come back." Playing with someone's face is not love!
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I was listening to this here and my mom thought I was watching porn! I had to explain that it was a virtual assistant talking
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good music
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verdade 👍😜🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵💥
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I love his songs ❤️
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linda essa música ❤️
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