Tune in Together

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Estou no meu jardim

Tranquei a porta e abri meu coração

Reguei minhas raízes com minhas lágrimas

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Primeira Essência (Jardim Particular)

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I keep thinking that Anderson must be very blessed for sure, right? I find it amazing how some singers received such a beautiful gift to bring us the word #God
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite Anderson Freire or Banda Giom song that you would recommend to anyone looking to discover similar artists? #Discovering
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God always touches my soul when I hear my will to sing as if it were a prayer, glory forever Love!!! all glory to god!!!!! I may not be what you want me to be but I always feel God's presence, even though I don't deserve 1% of your love girding your love.
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This is the essence we need to have: spiritual routine with God, don't just be blessed, become a blessing. Follow Bishop Bruno Leonardo on YouTube, praise God, witness, take possession of your victory 🥰
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I was so into the vibe of this song that I started dancing crazy, ended up banging my head on the wall and had to go to the hospital.
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Jacqueline Lima
This song is very beautiful, every day we need to be rescued so that we never lose our faith, our hope in God, only Him for us to get out of this cruel reality that is this world today!! 🙏🏻🤍😢❤️
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what a beautiful song 🤍 we should be grateful for everything God does for us and for so much that he takes care of our humanity, we need to help ourselves
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worship of the calvary
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Estela Silva
this hymn moves me a lot, i feel like it really needs to be rescued 🙏❤
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