Tune in Together

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Look just got a car from my bike

To tell me that we hit again

And keep doing my thing

The boys on fire money wires every day

It's a natural

No fact I'm the hottest in the lake

It's all money in

That's all I got to say

Got them repping data they go las vegas to the bay

Even on the east they never had to

They shouting out my words

From the crowd toward the stage

And you know I'm getting paid paid paid

Yeah you know I'm getting paid paid

Look marathon life it's all about the pace

Lot of niggas running sprints

But they never win the race

You don't see me at the shop I'm probably at a state

In my fly hotel working on my mixtape

Standing on the couches later on that day

Champagne models pouring bottles on they face

The s is for success

That's why I love to hate

They mad cause I can't and I'm happy cause they can't

Can't can't yeah I'm happy cause they can't

Uh that feel good you know hey hey

Shout out to my enemies

Shout out to the facts

We the one that they pretend to be

Rappers with that gang bang identity

But imitationin the highest form of humility

In my phone rank it was killer b

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