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Hoje é terça-feira, dia de chopp dobrado

Aí que deu tudo errado, nós falamos demais

Sempre a mesma mesa do boteco

Agora qual dos dois foi mais esperto?

Amiga, hoje estamos iguais (conta pra mim, vai)

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Amiga (Participação especial de Marília Mendonça) [Ao vivo]

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I imagined myself in this situation, although I had already gone through something similar, I liked a person and a person, but I was also wrong because that person was married, even though I knew he was no good I still insisted I think I could have something more. even knowing I wasn't the only one.
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suffering doesn't exist at all, it's good that whoever sings the evils is amazing, crying is good to be calm with ideas, sweet toothless, eternal !! #sertanejo
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These girls know how to make music for suffering lovers. Safe the hurts! #sertanejosoffrencia
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I liked Marília Mendonça's special participation, the song has romantic lyrics and an animated dance . The production was great, but the repetition of the lyrics can get a little qu over time.
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I didn't really like Marília Mendonça's participation in this song, I found it a bit unfunny and
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Have you ever heard this song? I was singing so loud that my mother thought it was Marília Mendonça here in her room, what a shame.
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Amiga's lyrics moved me a lot by showing the importance of true friendship. Marília Mendonça's voice together with the instrumental made the music even more touching.
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pure ruffle! I can't stand still with this vibe. Marília and Paula rock the lyrics that make me all goosebumps. It's too good!
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this song by Marília Mendonça brings such a delicious friendship! I remember the time when dialed internet was the only option and I spent hours playing for my late Amiga. The lyrics have a tone of that is very pleasant to feel.!
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TikTok Music
What did you think of Marília Mendonça's participation in "Amiga" live? Did you like the instrumentation of the song? #Discovering
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Bro, I was listening to it really quietly until the ambulance siren in the music scared me and I almost jumped!
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Amei Thank you very much
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top too
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