Tune in Together

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Está surgindo aí um novo vencedor

Ele é alguém do coração de Deus

Um novo nome ouvirá sobre essa terra

Quem sabe este nome seja o seu

Esse alguém que o Senhor vai levantar

Talvez seja o menor que está aqui

De repente, ele seja o último

A sentar à mesa como fez Davi

E esse novo vencedor que vai surgir

Tem no peito um coração cheio de amor

Capaz de perdoar quem lhe feriu

E de amar alguém que só lhe desprezou

Ele é exatamente igual você

O seu perfil é de alguém que já sofreu

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Um novo Vencedor (Ao Vivo)

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Damares is one of my mother's favorite singers, she usually plays her songs while we're cleaning the house #fe
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God always tells me what to do every night when I talk to him. This song inspires me even more to believe through emotions that he is with me ❤️🙏 #deusémaravilhoso
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What a wonderful praise!!!...he speaks to us...and shows us, the reality we live in...it's in this dark valley...that God will honor you and raise you up, believe in the name of Jesus!!🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Daniii Santos
Jesus beautiful❣️ glories to God, faithful and dignified 🙏 winner✨
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everything I'm going through in my life is like a lesson from God, good times and bad times, Faith makes me stay firm in the presence of God, the Devil can't do more than God.
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best gospel singer! plf! his hymns are the most playful slk... his hymns touch the soul and heart! it even gives you depression. just a good depression I just fixed ❤️
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I feel that the winner has come to me and that he walks with me every step of the way, he shows me the good and bad things along the way. #inner peace
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I am sure that I will be a winner in life and God will be giving me every moment the strength to continue and help me never to give up.
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TikTok Music Brasil
🎧 Hi Damares fan! What do you think of the instrumentation of "A New Winner (Live)"? What is your favorite lyric in the song? Does this song transport you to what past experience? Tell us! #Discovering
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Damares is the founder of Sociedad Assistencial Saravida, which accompanies adolescents, young people and adults, who are in a situation of vulnerability in Pernambuco. #gratida #perfect
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Luana Joyce🦋
Ame hallelujah 🙏🏻
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Antônio H Silva
ame glory god
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glory to the lord.... AMEN
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glory to god
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