Tune in Together

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Ele era só um menino à frente daquele gigante

No ponto de vista humano, Davi morreria ao primeiro instante

Porque na lógica do homem o maior vence o menor

E o mais fraco sempre acaba lá no pó

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Quem Viver Verá (Ao Vivo)

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As man sees "bigger" as synonymous with the best even today... Sometimes it's that little person who has the most strength to fight, the poorest, powerless, the richest in spirit, in love!!
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this hymn es me a lot for telling the story of my life. I've had problems with addiction, got involved with the wrong people...I was on the wrong track...I found Jesus and transformed myself...no one believed that I would be able to rebuild my life through the path of Jesus
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Damares manages to communicate a lot of strength and faith through her beautiful voice and the beautiful words of this song. I hear this hymn and my heart is filled with faith and hope.
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Márcyä Tëïxëïrä
of millions
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🐾Vilmar Dias🐾
Eita glory!!! on your journey never give up God is with you!!!!
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one thing i love about this song is that it has harp...i think harpa is too beautiful an instrument 😍😍
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