Tune in Together

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The birds have left their trees

The light pours onto me

I can feel you lying there all on your own

We got here the hard way

All those words that we exchange

Is it any wonder things get broke?

'Cause in my heart and in my head

I'll never take back the things I said

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F Sudiro
Bro, Atlantis by Seafret is lit! The chill vibe and soft vocals are perfect for me. Seafret is defo underrated, you should all start listening! Btw, the song is really good, you can listen while you sleep.
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Atlantis by Seafret is amazing and the vocals are really on point for me! I really feel relaxed when I listen. Definitely a vibe!
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Bro, Atlantis from Seafret really hit my heart. This song makes me feel really happy and can't be explained. Seafret's work is indeed amazing, deh. It makes me want to listen to their songs continuously.
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and the best music in the world "Atlantis"
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Atlantis is one of the songs relate to the story of me and beyy.
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man, this Seafret song gives me goosebumps to my soul! It's too much, bro! The melody is amazing and the lyrics are a punch in the stomach. She manages to capture the feeling of being lost amidst sensations, you know? I listen to her when I'm sad or anxious and she helps me find a way. Loved!
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Who knew a mythical city could inspire such a jam? Hooked on the beat and lyrics. Thanks, guys. You make me want to believe in mermaids again. 😂
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man, this song is amazing! The dance is engaging and the lyrics totally inspiring! I can't stop listening! It has already become one of my favorites! But, I think the production could have been a little better to enhance the voice.
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bro, this song has amazing flow! The beats are heavy and the rhythm left me grinding on the chair. The lyrics are also a vibe, playing themes that I identify with. It's that song that gets me the way and doesn't let go until the end. Her vibe is so strong that I can only move my head and like it.
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very much my vibe, a soft dance that makes my body dance automatically. The lyrics are smart and deep, making me reflect on my own life. I feel light and happy when I listen, as if nothing can shake me
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Seafrets Atlantis is a trip to another dimension. The melody and lyrics make me feel alive and connected to the world.
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Cant stop playing Atlantis! It touches the soul like nothing else. Cant wait to hear more from Seafret.
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TikTok Music Latin
Have you already added #Seafret's "Atlantis" to your playlist? What do you think of the lyrics of the song? I love how they manage to convey that sense of melancholy and sadness - share your opinion with us! #Discovery
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When I first heard Atlantis, I felt like I was floating in the ocean, carefree and at peace. Seafret really knows how to make you feel things.
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Max baby
seafret stole my feels #oops
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This song by Seafret takes me on an emotional and immersive journey with its hauntingly beautiful melody and vivid lyrics. 🎵🌊 It's a mesmerizing blend of alternative and indie genres that'll leave you wanting more! 👏
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Atlantis by Seafret is pure magic which melts your heart 💖. It reminds me of my hometown by the sea and the memories I made there. Every word and melody resonates with my soul and tugs at my heartstrings. 🌊🎶
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Wow, Seafret's Atlantis is an emotional rollercoaster that hits different. 🌊❤️ #nostalgia
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Concepcion Marin
it's cool, the beat catches you from the first second and you can't stop moving your hips, the chorus stays in your head all day long.
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Emanuel Barcelos
After so long I still can't get over this song.
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