Tune in Together

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Soy quien soy

No preciso identificación

Sé bien de donde vengo y donde voy

Porque soy lo que soy

Y no quien quieras vos

Usted me confunde y no sé que pretende

Ya le explique pero se ve que no entiende

Y esa equivocación es un error grande

Yo no soy el hijo de Hernández

Que me importa que diga ese papel

No tengo nada que ver con él

Y no voy a mentir aunque me lo demanden

Yo no soy el hijo de Hernández

Usted se piensa que soy cínico

Que culpa tengo yo de la casuística

Si mi apellido es idéntico

Es lógico dice la estadística

No me siga, ni me pida

Que sea cómplice en su mentira

Soy quien soy

No preciso identificación

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El hijo de Hernández

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Maya Custódio
This song has very honest and emotional lyrics, it opens up emotionally and it shows.
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Giovanna de Assis
This song is pure fire, the lyrics and the smiling rhythm make your day. I already told my blabbers to listen to it.🔥
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TikTok Music Latin
🎸 Share your opinion about the instrumentation in "The Son of." Do you think the fusion of guitar and keyboards works well? #Discovery
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ufff it fits me because they call me "Eliza's daughter" so they refer to but I am not...(her last name is)
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Olga Davila
La neta, this song is super on fire! I really like how they mix the corrido with the rap and the beat is really heavy. The lyrics are really cool too, pure courage and truths.
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Teresa Manrique
This song from el figlio de hernández is going to make my body move all day long, how cool! 💃🎶
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Sounds good
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Y la tarea?
hello mau
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First quartet commenting 👻👻👻
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Marea Publicitaria
My father-in-law's last name is, and on the road he is also a rock and he didn't like it 😃 but.... I am not's son
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