Tune in Together

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Sólo tú y yo conocemos la historia

Porque tú y yo la escribimos

Y no permitas que nadie te venga a decir otra cosa

Porque aún existe la gente que odia a quien toca la gloria

Sólo tú y yo aceptamos el viaje

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Que Lo Nuestro Se Quede Nuestro

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Fernando Moreno's avatar
Fernando Moreno
the lyrics of this song are so deep and intimate, it is as if she opened her heart to share her experience with me.
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Joaquín Luna's avatar
Joaquín Luna
I love this song, it's a sticky rhythm and the lyrics reach my heart. I've already passed them on to all my compas
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TikTok Music Latin
#CarlosRivera began her artistic career by winning the third generation of the reality show "La Academia" in 2004. #Fact
Ana Laura De Almeyda's avatar
Ana Laura De Almeyda
I love the rhythm, but the lyrics aren't my thing.
Olga Davila's avatar
Olga Davila
It hooked me from the start, what a great rhythm!
Maria Nieves Chan's avatar
Maria Nieves Chan
it's pure rhythm! It's got me moving
Liz Colato's avatar
Liz Colato
I like the rhythm, it's sticky
Alice Carcalho's avatar
Alice Carcalho
This track is catchy and has so much of a hook! I love it
Pedro Ruiz's avatar
Pedro Ruiz
Sounds good, but something is missing
Yago Candido's avatar
Yago Candido
nI am not entirely convinced
Pérola de Moura's avatar
Pérola de Moura
La rola made me dance like crazy!
Arturo Quintana's avatar
Arturo Quintana
I like that song, it sounds good
Davi Lucca Barreto's avatar
Davi Lucca Barreto
makes me feel good 💯
José Battistella's avatar
José Battistella
I love it, I can't stop dancing
Guillermo Silva's avatar
Guillermo Silva
I love the way it sounds, it sounds good
Maria josefa Cordova's avatar
Maria josefa Cordova
This is really a good vibe with the music!
Carlos Gomez's avatar
Carlos Gomez
I love how energetic and optimistic the music is.
Jose Ignacio Salas's avatar
Jose Ignacio Salas
The lyrics touched my heart!👌🏽😭
Felix Rosales's avatar
Felix Rosales
It's okay, not bad
Cauã Batista's avatar
Cauã Batista
is sticky
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