Tune in Together

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Quise olvidarme de ti

Y es que cuando mas te amaba

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Quise Olvidarme de Ti

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Davi Miguel Calixto's avatar
Davi Miguel Calixto
This song is a time machine to the past, when I was totally in love.
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Álvaro Mendez's avatar
Álvaro Mendez
It is undoubtedly one of my favorites of the moment.
Augusto Bernadini's avatar
Augusto Bernadini
In addition, the melody is catchy and sounds very good at any time of the day.
Esther De Angeli's avatar
Esther De Angeli
I like the lyrics and their rhythm, it's perfect for listening at any time.
Noah Aguiar's avatar
Noah Aguiar
I love how it encourages you to pursue your dreams no matter the obstacles. You can!
Davi Lucas Bispo's avatar
Davi Lucas Bispo
This collaboration is ridiculously good! The lyrics and rhythm are incredibly addictive.
Valentim Bianche's avatar
Valentim Bianche
is a song that makes you want to move your body
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