Tune in Together

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Yo no conocía

Tan mágica sensación

Hoy sé que te amo

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Sé Que Te Amo

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Ana Lívia de Mello
My ex-boyfriend dedicated it to me and I can't stop listening to it, I feel that at some point I will be able to sing it face to face: (
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I love this song😍🥰
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kevin xd
my mom always listens to her
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Juan Francisco Trejo
I love the singer's voice
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Juan Ignacio Mejía
I can't help but feel pushed forward by the difficult times.
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José Velasco
What a rolón, listen to him now!
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Nathan Borges
What a catchy rhythm! I love the lyrics
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Victor Santiago
What a hero!
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Ravi Abreu Lisboa
is like apool of emotions inside me!
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Levi Assunção
is perfect for dancing
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José Battistella
any other fan????
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Sebastián Sánchez
This theme transports me!
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Josep Nava
I was pleasantly surprised
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advertencia ⚠️
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