Tune in Together

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Esta noche no

No quiero pensar en ti

Y mañana trataré de sobrevivir

Escucharé la voz

Que me dice

Que ya te olvide

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Miguel angel Diaz's avatar
Miguel angel Diaz
I love listening to it while driving. Long live classical music!
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Jordi Lara
The song has a rhythm that makes you feel alive.
Sebastian Pacheco's avatar
Sebastian Pacheco
The lyrics have great depth. A must!
Alan Rodriguez's avatar
Alan Rodriguez
I love the rhythm and the lyrics, perfect for a sunny day at the beach.
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#lostemerarios best band in the romantic theme
#Meme#182277#?'s avatar
I feel very connected to this song by a woman because as many say it was not reciprocated and I'm forgetting it and although it was a quick thing it was worth it and I think about it but I'm not forgetting it anymore.
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