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Por que te conocí

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Gloria Guerra
"Why did I know you, if you were someone else's? Alas, just to suffer. Your eyes will be in your soul. Your laughter I can't erase, and my skin shakes when I remember you" #WhyIKnowed You #LosTemerarios
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Carlos Mart
The voice is amazing. I love this song!
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Matheus Alvarenga
The truth is that I can't stop listening to it.
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Lucas Navarro
What a lively rolon! The music is very lively and the lyrics are very catchy.
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Anthony Gabriel Bozzi
An incredible song by an incredible band
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Yan Boldrini
I like the voice and how the music grows with the course of the song.
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Fernando Islas
She makes me dance every time I listen to her
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