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Dice adios tu mano al viento

Pero pronto volveras

Que triste es la despedida

De quien es mi vida mi felicidad

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Dice Adiós Tu Mano al Viento

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Larissa de Paiva
This song is a super hit, it makes you feel good at any moment. The melody is super relaxing and the lyrics are super heartfelt.
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Chloe de Miranda
This song is my new mantra! The melody is so relaxing and the lyrics are like a mantra of inner peace. It is perfect for meditating and connecting with yourself!
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Enzo Gabriel Barbosa da Silva's avatar
Enzo Gabriel Barbosa da Silva
No matter how far away from home I am, this song always manages to bring me a little closer to my roots. Its distinctive rhythm and authentic flavor are like a reminder of who I am and where I come from, filling me with pride and affection alike #diceadióstumanoalventio
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Kauê Costa
"This melody has something special that catches me from the first second. It's like its magic wraps me up and takes me to a place of peace and harmony."
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