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Adios adios... mañana me voy

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Eres un Ángel

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Eugenio Pérez
"Don't go crying. It's just a song" Me crying at 3am listening to this song in the bathroom while eating chocolate ice cream.
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Davi Araújo
When you're a kid you don't understand why they played these songs, now when I grow up I can't stop listening to them #Temerarios.
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Eduardo Barroso
"I will come back because you are a hero....because you are very good, I will come back, I will come back."
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Maria Mora
Like when your boyfriend brings you donuts and flowers as gifts: #EresUn. 😂😂
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Francisco Bravo
I go on to say that #EresUn by #LosTemerarios does not pay enough tribute to his musical ability.
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