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Hoy por primera vez

Conocí lo que es amor

Enamorado, tal vez de alguien

Que nunca me querrá

Y que nunca sabrá

Lo que siento yo

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Mi Secreto

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What do you think of the instrumentation of "Mi Secreto" by Los Temerarios? Do you think it fits well with the lyrics of the song? Share your thoughts in the comments and join #Discovery! 💬
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Nicolas Ambrosio
makes me feel at peace and relaxed
Vicente Brito's avatar
Vicente Brito
is a beautiful gift, given with love and dedication by the artists who created it.
Raúl Pérez's avatar
Raúl Pérez
The voice is brutal, it hooked me at once.
Agustin Valdez's avatar
Agustin Valdez
is perfect #cologne
Pedro Alcantra's avatar
Pedro Alcantra
Very catchy and danceable
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Fernando Islas
This song is very catchy!
Rafaela de Alvarenga's avatar
Rafaela de Alvarenga
It has a good vibe, but a bit.
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Ricardo Rios
I love how the music is and.
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Andres Rojas
What a good song, I love the chorus.
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Antonio Hernandez
is very motivating
#Meme#182277#?'s avatar
life of my life to love of my love
#Meme#182277#?'s avatar
you will always be the love of my love
#Meme#182277#?'s avatar
and I do what the song says, it goes by where it is and does what the song says.
#Meme#182277#?'s avatar
it's my song that you can say touches my heart #tengoganasdeunbesodemiamordemivida
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