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No entiendo

Por qué sin quitarnos nada estamos como enemigos

No entiendo

Por qué si el amor se acaba no lo presentimos

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No Entiendo

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Oliver Bozi
I love this song, the lyrics are super cool and the rhythm is mega on. I already played them at full volume while cleaning my room hahaha
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Fernando Moreno
This song is like a hymn to humanity, celebrating the diversity and beauty of all the people who inhabit this planet.
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TikTok Music Latin
What do you think about "No Entiendo" by Ana Gabriel? Do you think that the instrumentation moves the lyrics more or the opposite? Leave us your opinion in the comments and join the #Discovery. 💬
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Francisco javier Cruz
The music has a melody that caresses the heart.
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Valentim Bianche
Undoubtedly, the best song to liven up a party
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Ana Beatriz de Freitas
Enveloping melody that takes you far away.
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Benjamin Almeida
It is one of those songs that transports you to another place.
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Joan Maldonado
makes you move your head non-stop.
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Eduardo Barroso
I like the rhythm of I don't understand, but the lyrics don't reach me much:/
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