Tune in Together

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Siempre, como ya es costumbre día a día es igual

No hay nada que decir ante la gente es así

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Pedro Henrique Baptista
this song has very powerful lyrics and made me reflect on the world and life.
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Apollo Buzatto
I love this song, the lyrics are very cool and the rhythm is very fast. I have already recommended them to all my friends. 🤘
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TikTok Music Latin
Do you like the lyrics of "Se Amigos" by #AnaGabriel? Do you think the song reflects well the complexity of friendship relationships? Tell us in the comments and find out more #Discovery. 💬
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Giovanna de Assis
I love how Tego maintains his style and the lyrics are relaxed and fun.
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Antonio Hernandez
This song will undoubtedly stay in my mind for a while.
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João Barboza
A sensory experience! Emotional lyrics and immersive rhythm
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Caio Barros
This song is really cool, but sometimes it makes me cry because it reminds me of my ex, the chorus gets stuck in my head.
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here those of us who sing it at the top of our lungs
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Jean Mina
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