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I was five and he was six

We rode on horses made of sticks

He wore black and I wore white

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Shot Me Down (feat. Skylar Grey) [Listenin' Continuous Mix]

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"Shot Me Down" is a song by David Guetta featuring a collaboration with Skylar Grey. The lyrics are about love and loss. The song features a musical arrangement that includes guitar and a synthesizer. The melody is catchy and is built on a guitar riff. #Review
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"Shot Me Down" is a powerful remix by the talented David Guetta, featuring haunting vocals by Skylar Grey. Originally a song by Nancy Sinatra, Guetta's reimagined version adds a thumping beat that gets your heart racing. The continuous mix is perfect for dancing or a workout. #BehindtheMusic
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Mysteries hide in your eyes, reveal perfections. Your lips are soft and sweet pillows where mine nestle. Your body is the dream where mine sleeps. In you I exist; in you I justify myself. Good morning, love of my life! #lovethissong
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Shot Me Down is a cover of Cher's original song "Bang Bang," released in 1966. David Guetta's version has been a chart hit in several countries. #Fact
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Who is your favorite artist of electronic music similar to David Guetta? #Discovery
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🥺😔 The haunting vocals of Skylar Grey hit me right in the heartstrings. The lyrics of Shot Me Down remind me of the one that got away. I can't help but feel the pain of lost love. #heartbroken #memories
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David Guetta and Skylar Grey's Shot Me Down boasts a captivating melody and powerful lyrics that keep listeners coming back for more. The Listenin' Continuous Mix elevates the track with seamless transitions and an electrifying beat 🔥🎶
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I can't stop listening to this song 😍🎶 It's so emotional and powerful! #DavidGuetta #SkylarGrey
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Sibei Bang 💥
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amoooooooooo I will compete with this music👏❤️
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duh X2 Equinox ....😮‍💨
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this song is so amazing and too good this song
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topezera...reminds a little of the soundtrack of the movie Kill Bill..
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speaker destroyer 😎
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hear on speaker jbl joss🔥
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my baby shot me down .....🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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David Guetta, I already love
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Look at the juice there only 1 like _/} (. _.) *is it going to be a little juice? * (>🥤~
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