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Breathing in the dark

Lying on its side

The ruins of the day

Painted with a scar

And the more I straighten out

The less it wants to try

The feelings start to rot

One wink at a time


Forgiving who you are

For what you stand to gain

Just know that if you hide

It doesn't go away

When you get out of bed

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Little Dark Age

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Emma Galindo
The lyrics in this song always make me reflect on the importance of and modesty in life.
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Gabriela De Angeli
This song has a very dynamic rhythm and full of energy that makes me feel like I'm running a.
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Antônio Barcellos
Although the lyrics of this song are simple, they manage to convey a genuine emotion and feeling that make me feel full of energy and vitality.
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GtwGabutAjaGw's avatar
bro thought that he was johan 😈
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This song reminds me a lot of Stragens things,the prosemid neverland,A Crime Night,A Killer Nanny and kimetsu on yaiba.Seila reminds me a lot of
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Isabela_Oliveira's avatar
this song gives me a vibe: I went back to an era where the Greek romans ruled the world and I am immortal......that was kind of specific
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MariaSilva84's avatar
Only I think this song brings back memories of when we weren't even alive yet? Like World War I?? And they are horrible memories, and I don't know why. I've never seen or read anything about it, but in my head it's cruelly painful what happened.
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Julian Solis
The melody makes you feel as if you are in an atmosphere of and harmony.
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AnaClaraRodrigues.98's avatar
every magical night listening to this song until 4 am gives a feeling that I'm not alone, even though I'm alone. it gives a magical feeling, a feeling that I am in another world........... an inexplicable sensation.
ThiagoAlves_98's avatar
I feel something at the beginning of the song, something kind of dark that is already here, but with something in the middle, when you get the chorus you already know what that is
Vanessa.Pereira's avatar
Mano this song gives me a very good vibe, keeping the dance the lyrics, simply incredible, reminds me of the past veh!
Fernandalmeida_'s avatar
Is it just me who thinks this song hits in a different way when we're living in this "little dark age" moment?
Giovanna_Silveira's avatar
this song brings back memories of ancient things I didn't even live, Roman Empire, Napoleon, Empire, it's a strange and good feeling at the same time...
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Angelaa's avatar
Don't be cringe and type the names here in comments or any other comments. Besides this song became popular in anime community for Berserk and dandaan not AOT or Death note.
carolina_fernandes's avatar
who else has a sense of sadness for something that never happened, or don't you remember? just coincidence? I don't think so..
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I'm in traffic now looking for a good playlist to play, and look where I ended up! In the best song! #littledarkage
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TikTok Music Latin
#MGMT is a synth-pop and new wave song with introspective lyrics. The melody is dark and melancholic, with the use of synthesizers and electric guitars. The song also features pulsating and fulminating percussion. #Review
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TikTok Music
What is your opinion about the instrumentation in "Little Dark Age"? And which verses of the lyrics marked you the most? Share your opinion and be part of #DescobrindoMúsica 🎧
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TikTok Music Australia
As MGMT's first single in four years, "Little Dark Age" offers a welcome return to their synth-pop roots, with a catchy chorus and eerie, yet playful, production that effectively evokes the song's title. Taking on themes of anxiety and social media overload, the lyrics add depth to an otherwise danceable track, making it clear that MGMT is still an creative force to be reckoned with.#TikTokMusicReviews
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