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I'm not that nice

I'm mean and i'm evil

Don't call me nice

I'm gonna eat your heart out

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When You Die

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What other bands do you like besides MGMT #Discovery.
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"When You Die" is the lead single from MGMT's fourth studio album, "Little Dark Age." The song's melancholic lyrics and upbeat rhythm have made it an instant fan favorite. The music video, directed by Mike Diva, features a trippy and satirical portrayal of death. The track has been described as a reflection on mortality and the afterlife. #BehindtheMusic
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Ferch Gil
This song is a masterpiece of the band, it reflects the delusions of someone who likes to receive love.
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Maria Heloísa de Mendonça
This song is a rolón! The beats are great and the singer's voice sounds great. The lyrics are pure fire too!
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