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What do you think of MGMT's song "Kids" - do you think their electronic sound is still relevant today? Tell us your impressions in the comments and join the #Discovery. 🔍🎶
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TikTok Music Australia
"Kids" is a song by American rock band MGMT, released as a single from their debut album, Oracular Spectacular. It became a massive hit with its catchy melody and lyrics that are said to reflect the party culture of New York City. #BehindtheMusic
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Carlos Gomez
This song is cool, it makes me want to dance and sing. The sounds are cool and the singer's voice is cool, a song I can't stop listening to.
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lil cat x
This song reminds me of my childhood memories. 🌈 #nostalgia
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MGMT's Kids is a synth-pop masterpiece that will make you want to dance. The catchy melody and playful lyrics bring a sense of nostalgia, making it a timeless hit 🎶💃
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our topppppp
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Rodrigo Nunes
one of my favorite? yes kkk
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Tomas Boba
Wonder how’s the kid in the mv doing now.
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The lyrics, "Control yourself, take only what you need from it" is actually about protecting the environment. 🌳 #BehindtheMusic
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This song was actually the center of a legal battle between MGMT and the French government, due to France using this song without permission! #BehindtheMusic
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