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Madrugada em meu olhar

Cai a chuva sem parar, reclamo

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Madrugada em Meu Olhar

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It seems that composers in the 90's used to make poetry without having that aggressiveness, you know? Look at the lyrics of "Madrugada em meu guarda," you can explain what your heart feels when listening to the voice of Zezé #SouRomantico
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This song really reflects the moment I'm living with my current boyfriend, it's love too much!!! I feel too happy!!!! #lovepravidatoda
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano track? What about the song "Madrugada em Meu," what do you think of the instrumentation and lyrics? Is it already on your playlist? Share your opinion with us! 🎶 #Discovering
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Bro, I was listening to this song on the last volume on the bus when out of nowhere my phone failed and everyone heard I was paying DJ!
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this song reminds me of a passion from 1986, which soon disappeared and reappeared in 1994 with much more force. which is gone once again, and I met her again in 2006, which is gone from this date for good!
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This song is just perfect, I love how this duo describes the feeling of pain in a song like this #sertanejo
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Ana Paula Psil 🌹
@fabulasdeumsonhador 01:12 thinking of you.
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2026 Bolsonaro
this song marked a lot
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Kátia Silva
this song makes anyone's heart ache 😔😢
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Kátia Silva
misses 😢
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Aline ernesto
miss the old days
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time there were true lovers.
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Elton Donadon
amazing season ❤️
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