Tune in Together

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Fala pra mim, diz a verdade

O que mudou assim tão de repente

Quero saber de onde vem

Esse medo que machuca a gente

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I remember too much a crush from high school who didn't even notice me, I suffered so much, now it's gone, but every time I hear this song I remember him and the stumps he used to give me. #nemmenotava
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I get excited by these lyrics, I remember a passion from school that I really liked, music mirrors my feelings very well.
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Man, I was listening to this song and without really noticing I was singing super loud on the bus, the guys at the bottom looked at me with a face like they were going to splurge you! hahahaha
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songs stir with true love
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your opinion about the instrumentation of "Indifference"? Do the lyrics of this song mess with you in any way? Share your opinion with us at #DescobrindoMúsica
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One of the worst things is feeling someone's indifference, I think I'd rather the person fight with me than feel like they're just being indifferent to me!! # indifference
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this song brings back memories of my father who is still healthy and alive, my mother used to put it on the mini system for us to listen to at any time, at the time I lived in.
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Maria José
I love you very much 💗💗🤩 congratulations
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Maria José
too beautiful 💖
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good music
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Paulo Roberto Robert
oooooooo beautiful music takes me back to my past.
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Nilciane Santos315
top that song congratulations to the composer!
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Ana Claudia Faustino
very beautiful
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Valdinei Luciano
ai amor❤
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eita passion
.'s avatar
One part and the beginning to another the end🎶🎶
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Aristides João
ends not world
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Ball Show
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This is the horn on the asphalt, it ends up not worldly
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aiaiaiai comes soon 😁😁 why this indifference is killing
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