Tune in Together

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Sem motivo vou vivendo por aí

Por viver

Meus valores tão confusos reprimidos

Por você

Troco passos sem sentido pelas ruas

Sem saber aonde ir

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Vivendo por Viver

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Guilherme.Silveira's avatar
This song is simply a work of art, the way he expresses feelings, this song was surreal and perfect, the combination of voices was amazing. #Feelings
fernandinhamachado's avatar
Zezé, at the height of his career, conveyed an emotion that was enough to break us, this beautiful thing.
rodrigommmartins's avatar
so many people who loved this song and who are already gone. Music is one of the art forms created by humanity that actually manages to awaken sensations and emotions in each of us, regardless of musical style and genre.
silvinha1612's avatar
it still hurts a lot 😪
blucas.souza's avatar
I cry a lot listening to her, my mother loved me and taught me how to love her too, too bad I don't have my mother for us to listen together anymore! I miss you 😔😔
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TikTok Music Brasil
What song by another artist would you recommend to someone who likes Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano? #Discovering
MariaSilva84's avatar
Guys, I was listening to this song here when my grandfather sang all the wrong lyrics and thought it was really good! Laughs a lot hahaha
Ana Paula Psil 🌹's avatar
Ana Paula Psil 🌹
This song represents that love that cannot be lived, but eternally felt! 🥲❤️
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Damasio ismael ❤️
Eduardo Costa
Damasio ismael ❤️'s avatar
Damasio ismael ❤️
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Inez Oliveira Tomich
miguel and André love with passion
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Marcelo Sousa
this one is foring 💔💔💔
Josiane☀️🧑‍🎓✍️🌹🍀's avatar
that's how it is, sometimes we live for the sake of life, finding meaning for life 💞
João's avatar
this is that true relic worth hearing
Eliana Ranieri's avatar
Eliana Ranieri
kaw3.8anny's avatar
this is old 😭😭😭😭😭😘
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Andre Lima
It hurt us to listen, I came back to TD there in the past, I was young and my family..and friends who loved listening to Zezé and Luciano...and marked loves
Pablo's avatar
eternal !!!!
josueoliveira708's avatar
nice music 🥰
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