Tune in Together

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Sempre que me deixa assim

Pensando coisas

Saio pela noite a fora

A te procurar

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Meu Coração Só Quer Chorar

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Their story is already a success in itself, but in addition it has these voices that enter into our soul, every song that always tell an incredible story! #zezeeluciano
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Saudade moves our inner self, it hurts deep in the soul, and the feeling is the same that the heart is crying, even when the eyes cannot bring out the feeling. #chorodesaudad
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TikTok Music Brasil
What is your favorite Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano track? And what did you think of the instrumentation and lyrics on "Meu Coração Só Quer Chorar"? Share your opinion with us! #Discovering 🎶
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Beautiful music, amazing how they manage to pass so much feeling with the lyrics reminds me of the end of their relationship, impressive how their voice is valued despite the passage of time.
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Man, I was listening to this while I tried to make a gourmet recipe and burned it all down At least the laughter with the comedian's jokes saved the night!
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very beautiful this show music
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Sometimes time doesn't pass, time flies and these melodies are unforgettable.🙌🏼
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Marta Nascimento
Wonderful ❤️
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Aline ernesto
too beautiful
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ooo miss the red light
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this one is top ...
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Jesuelia Oliveira
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Juh Costa
I love this song 🎶 🎶
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Isabel Barbosa de Farias
too beautiful 😍 😭
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Luiz Augusto Silva96
Listening to this song, we even suffer for what we haven't even gone through yet... "Heaven" beast with this duo! Aooooow hustle and bustle.
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salva me
it seems that i've heard this music somewhere i think it was in rezo kkkkkkkkkkk
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salva me
#ariesemresso #
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